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Promoting Your Music Tour

Helping attract audiences to your concerts

Our venue selection, contacts and promotional plans are all designed to attract audiences to watch your performances.

Concert Tour Venue Selection and Promotion


Obviously your main reason for travelling with a specialist music tour organisation such as Gower Music is to benefit from the concerts that we can arrange on your behalf.

Our expertise comes from over 30 years of arranging concerts in various countries in Europe. Having reliable, enthusiastic and quality local organisers in each destination is the secret to a successful concert tour. These are not easy to find and hence the need for a specialist organisation such as Gower Music Tours. Over the years we have been able to hone our venues to a  select group of very reliable concert contacts in each of the resorts that we now work with.

Publicising your concert

We supply the local organisers with your details, such as your type of music group; your technical requirements and any wishes that you might have.

Once confirmed we, in conjunction with the local organiser, will promote your concert with a poster campaign. We also send press releases to local radio and local TV. Some of our local organisers also have a network of known concert goers, to whom they will promote your group.

An audience or size of audience can never be fully guaranteed of course and one of the most successful promotions can often be a pre-concert recital outside your venue in conjunction with the handing-out of small flyers, which we make for each concert.

Please note that your concert will be a free concert and tickets will not be sold.

Concert Promotion from Gower Music Tours
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