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Why organise a school music tour?

If you have an awesome idea for running a music tour for your school ensemble or choir, but are struggling to truly ‘sell’ your trip to the powers that be, we’ve put together a handy list of reasons why a school music tour will be an invaluable experience for your musicians.

Performing in unique locations

Our music tours give musicians the opportunity to perform in historic and culturally significant venues in countries they may not have been to before. Our tours are designed to provide groups with a variety of performance venues, from medieval town squares to renaissance churches. Not only does the diversity between venues provide a more enriched experience for the musicians, but it will also push your pupils out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to adapt to new environments whilst delivering an incredible performance.

Each performance venue will attract a new audience of tourists and locals who may be passersby or watching the performance whilst seated during a mass. The experience of playing to different kinds of audiences will develop within your musicians the ability to play to both a more lively, bustling audience and to one that is still and silent. At first the close proximity of your musicians to the audience may seem daunting to them, but as they pick up on the positive reactions of the audience, their confidence will soar.

It’s not all about performing

Although performances are the stimulus for your music tour, there is far more to a music tour than performing. After all, why travel to a new country and not explore it’s sites, history and culture?

Our tours encourage pupils to get to know a city both historically and musically. In Salzburg, for example, tour groups can explore the city through Mozart’s eyes by visiting his birthplace. These opportunities are a fantastic way of engaging pupils in learning outside of the classroom, as well as being experiences that will stay with them forever.

As well as providing opportunities to enhance the musical education of your tour group, there is also the chance to get them absorbed in things outside of their main interests. In Rome, your pupils may become fascinated by the history of the Roman Empire, whilst a visit to Barcelona may spark a love for the innovative, modernist architecture of Gaudi which can be seen all around the city.


A tour can be a great way to get members of your ensemble or choir to socialise outside of playing together, and we believe that the best way to do this is through making tours as fun as possible. Aside from performing and site-seeing, waterparks, beaches, summer festivals and boat trips are an integral part of the itinerary as they encourage groups to bond through doing something a little outside of the typical school trip.

Not only will your students be working together in order to deliver strong performances, but they will also be enjoying some well-deserved free time together. The memories made will create friendships and a strong team bond.

Increase interest in music

The success of your music tour will not only represent to members of the public the talent and perfect conduct of your students, but it will also encourage other pupils to become involved in music at school. The appeal of travelling is a sure way of motivating more students to pick up an instrument, join or form a school ensemble, as well as showing to the public that your school is dedicated to investing in and excelling it’s music department.


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