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Prague: the perfect blend of music performance venues and cultural highlights

Do you remember your school history lessons? Learning about the Holy Roman Empire? In 1355, Charles IV was crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in Rome and Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Charles wanted Prague to become one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 700 hundred years later in the 21st Century Prague is still imbued with the same eternal sense of Empire, splendour and beauty.

Prague became known as the Golden City, when the towers of Prague Castle were covered in gold. Although another theory is that Prague was called 'Golden' during the reign of Rudolf II who employed alchemists to turn ordinary metals into gold. However of course their attempts were fruitless - and we prefer the first theory anyway!

So we know that Prague is an iconically beautiful city but what can you do there on your music tour of a lifetime?!

The first and essential visit is to the historic centre of Prague and the Old Town Square. Here you’ll see two of the famous towers; Tyn Church and the Old Town Hall with its incredibly unique Astronomical clock that draws large crowds every hour to watch the little figures move and of course the tower of the town hall itself. You can also climb the tower (or take the elevator) to afford yourself views over the city that will be engraved on your memory.

A guided walking tour is always an excellent way to begin to understand the history and culture of the city.

Also near the Old Town Square is St Salvator, a beautiful church where we can organise for you give a most memorable concert in this welcoming city. A two minute walk from here brings you to the building where Kafka was born. Kafka wrote ‘Prague never lets you go…This dear little mother has sharp claws’. What did he mean by this? Well he was born there of course, on July 3rd 1882. However as a Jew, writing in German he had an uneasy relationship with the city of his birth. Whilst a visit inside his birthplace during your tour is not possible as it was destroyed in 1897, the Franz Kafka museum opened in 2005 and this is a remarkable experience not just for literature enthusiasts. Since 1963 Kafka scholars have campaigned to have a square or street named after their most famous son and finally in 2000 this was achieved.

Of course another museum which will be of interest to you as musicians is the Czech Museum of Music. The museum is located in the Lesser Quarter, in the beautiful Baroque Church of Santa Maria Magdalena which was built in the 17th century. The exhibition presents a unique collection of musical instruments as an outstanding proof of art and craft skilfulness and as a basic mediator between human and music.

What’s even more exciting is that we can arrange for your ensemble to perform a concert here to an inevitable most interested and appreciative audience

Do you want another reason to make Prague your 2020 destination for a wonderful music tour? Well what better reason than the fact that the Czechs claim to have the best beer (pivo) in the world and Prague is a great place to test their claim. The huge choice of bars in the city offer famous Czech lagers such as Budvar and Staropramen alongside craft beers from the top microbreweries in the country.

Alongside your concert itinerary maybe a tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery would be of interest? In operation since 1842, Tour highlights include a trip to the old cellars (dress warmly) and a glass of Pilsner nectar at the end. Entry is naturally for over 18’s only.


Some top performance venues in Prague for your choir, band or orchestra

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