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Innovative ideas for choir tours

Get creative with your choir tour - try a flash mob!!!

When that first thought stirs …’ Mmm maybe we should organise a European tour for the choir?’ What springs to mind? Perfect harmonies on the steps before the altar of a beautiful Italian cathedral? Applause from an appreciative audience in a tranquil German Spa town? Or singing in sea-side towns bursting with tourists in the sunshine?

All of these dreams can be realised on one of our adult or school choir tour itineraries. Our performance tours in 2019 have included an unforgettable mass in stunning Perugia Cathedral, participation in a buzzing summer festival in the Black Forest and an evening concert on a busy promenade in Holland. All of them offering the sought- after ‘wow factor’ of a European concert tour.

All of these great performance opportunities can be combined with fantastic trips and excursions which are perfectly arranged to complement your concert itinerary. After all if you’re going to tour you will want to explore your chosen destination, discover the culture of the host country and experience its differences. Maybe you enjoy theme parks or water parks; there are many varied and reasonably-priced parks to choose from which offer a fantastic respite from the ‘work’ of your performances and sightseeing. In some resorts there are ‘must-see’ locations, for example La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the iconic and the ancient Colosseum in Rome. In others there are more low-key, family-run enterprises which offer an insight into past customs like the folk-lore show and dinner in Budapest or the Baredine Caves in Croatia; a treasure chest of underground sculptures created over centuries.

However maybe you’d like something a little different; a little more innovative or spontaneous?

One recent phenomenon is the appearance of pianos in public areas; parks, markets and train stations which invite spontaneous public performances. The original Street Pianos at St Pancras International Station were placed there after they were donated to the railway station as part of the Play Me. I’m Yours commission. This was initiated by British artist Luke Jerram. Today more than 1,900 street pianos have been installed in over 60 cities across the globe, from Tokyo to New York.

Luke Jerram, founder of the Play Me, I'm Yours initiative

As people negotiate the city going about their daily lives these street piano performances disrupt their focus and provoke them into engaging with a memorable musical moment. This also reminds us that we don’t need fancy concert halls, awe-inspiring locations and numerous ticket sales to underpin the value of musical performance. On the Play Me. I’m Yours initiative, Jamie Cullum is quoted as saying ‘Such a simple concept that can bring out the best in people. I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life playing beneath the Sacre Coeur, Paris on an old upright piano..’

Proceeding from this is the new artistic expression known as ‘flash mobs’. Seemingly unconnected individuals come together unexpectedly and delight an unsuspecting random audience.

Some of our touring choirs have participated in these unannounced and highly entertaining performances in locations such cross-channel ferries lounges or public spaces where local authorities will allow. Looking for ideas for a flash mob? Here's ten of the best flash mobs.

If you would like to talk to us about your European Choir tour and would like to incorporate some different and innovative performances please call us and we can discuss your ideas.


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