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8 top tips for a music tour of Barcelona

Fantastic things about a Music Tour to Barcelona
Fantastic things about a Music Tour to Barcelona

If you are planning a music tour for your school group or adult ensemble, then Barcelona is the perfect destination. Barcelona has a vibrant culture, a unique history, and amazing architecture. You will get to taste awesome food, enjoy the beaches, and of course perform music at elegant venues. Here are some things which are worth including on your Barcelona itinerary.

#1 La Sagrada Familia

This spectacular basilica is the most famous sight in Barcelona and one of Europe’s most unconventional churches. This World Heritage Site is located in the northern part of Barcelona. Its 18 spindly towers dominate its surroundings by soaring higher than other monuments.

#2 Gothic Quarter

This medieval cathedral stands on Monte Tabor and is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You should wander through the delightful maze of atmospheric alleyways and narrow cobblestone streets. You will discover picturesque quiet squares, and occasionally you will hear melodies of Spanish classical guitar.

#3 Concert in Municipal Theatre, Lloret de Mar

This municipal theatre has three rehearsal rooms with separate entrances. It can hold up to 400 people and has an indoor stage of 270 m2. For open-air events, it has an outdoor stage with seating. Regular concerts are held here, and amazing musicians get to showcase their talent.

#4 City Beaches

The boardwalk of Barcelona’s beachfront extends over miles. It will take you some time to get to Diagonal Mar from Barceloneta on foot. But this walk will help you in really understanding this city. The beaches on the extreme west like Sant Sebastià are more touristy and busier. But these have trendy shops, including bars with outdoor seating and terraces.

#5 Concert in La Llotja, close to the Basílica of Castelló d'Empúries

This is a building with a neoclassical façade. It is a wonder of Gothic architecture. La Llotja has been used for several purposes throughout history. You can use this elegant venue for displaying your musical skills.

#6 Boat Tour

The marina area of Barcelona is at the end of Las Ramblas, where you find the Columbus Monument. If you have been walking around the city, then you may want to rest and enjoy some coffee or a cold drink. Several operators offer boat tours from the port area. These tours have varying routes which will give you different perspectives of Barcelona harbour.

#7 Formal concert in Seminari Conciliar

It is a seminary near the University of Barcelona. It has a unique ambience and architecture. A formal concert is arranged here, and you will be able to play or sing with pride. It is a prestigious and elegant venue, and getting to play here is surely a memorable experience!

#8 Park Guell

Park Guell is located on the hills on the north side of the city. It is a large park with numerous installations which you can explore. It was planned to be a housing development and was supposed to contain sixty homes. But it was never actually completed, and only two homes were built. But still, most of the main features were completed, which include mosaic serpentine bench, entrance houses, colonnaded footpaths, and main terrace area.

Now what’s stopping you from organizing a tour to this amazing region of Europe?


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