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5 Tips For Planning Your Music Tour

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

When you are thinking about a music tour there are a few things you need to consider before booking. So whether you're a music teacher considering taking your school choir or band on tour, or you're a co-ordinator of your local choir, band or orchestra here are five tips for planning your next music tour.


Tip 1: Location Location Location!

When someone asks you where you would like to go the list of countries is endless, but let’s narrow it down. What destination is going to offer the most enjoyable experiences to your group?

Firstly, let’s talk about the weather. Are you looking to adventure in the city under the warm sun, or relax and catch a tan by the beach or maybe you’d prefer seeing the cool serene snowy mountains? When you know your preferred weather it’ll really help with narrowing down country and the type of area you’d like to be in.

Now that’s all narrowed down, let’s discuss music! Perhaps it’s a rehearsal tour you want and you’re seeking a space and team bonding in a lovely local church or picturesque piazza. Or possibly you want a full concert itinerary with varied venues. Give our music tour destination pages a whirl, and find out what your location has to offer you before you settle!

Tip 2: Plan your activities and excursions

Pre-plan! What would you and your group like to do in your spare time? We have hundreds of fabulous excursion suggestions both on and off the website. Get inspired by our sample excursions.

Get cultural and visit a famous composer’s birthplace, explore the town or relax in a boutique coffee shop? There’s so much to do wherever you go - so plan ahead to ensure you don’t miss out on that opera or tickets to a theme park. Research – it’s the key to making the most of your trip and don’t forget to contact us to check the costs and get advice!

Tip 3: Consider who you travelling with

Obviously you’ll be travelling with your musical companions but are they a younger school group who’d enjoy boat trips, water parks and cable car rides or is your group more independent who’d enjoy exploring the heart of the city and its cultural delights. Check out our excursion pages, chat to your colleagues! You might be the organiser but you don’t have to be the only decision maker. Together you all can build the excitement and start the adventure before you even set foot out of the country! Memorable trips are those where each member gets to experience something they love.

Tip 4: Your budget - how much will it cost?

Like before – research! Check out our sample itineraries, contact us for our advice on excursions, entry prices, best walks, boat trips and city tours – it all depends what you want out of your excursion itinerary and your budget. There’s no need to limit your experience but it’s always best to know in advance what you’re asking your tour members to pay. One of the best things about a new country is the food so from a budget point of view are you best to go for half-board, full board or just bed and breakfast? Fill out our contact form for a tailor-made quotation.

Tip 5: Length of stay: how long do you want to go for?

You have so much you want to do but how long is really best for your group? Your destination, your budget, your excursion and concert goals will all affect this decision. Contact us to chat things through.

Make the trip worthwhile - if there's so much you want to do or you’re going quite a distance, it’s best to plan for more than a couple of days.

Wherever you go, however long you go for and whatever you choose to do we will be right there organising your perfect tour!


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