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Lake Garda Concert Tours

Perform music in the towns and villages around beautiful Lake Garda

Lake Garda’s impressive combination of stunning scenic views, beautiful lakeside towns and warm summer climates qualifies it as a perfect destination for school and adult music tours to take their concert performances to a new level. 

As Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda is known world-wide; scintillating in the sunshine and boasting impressive surrounding scenery, it deservedly receives a large amount of tourist attention. Due to this, you will delight large numbers of relaxed and happy visitors ready to enjoy and appreciate your musical performances. 


The mountainous landscape also promises a wide variety of potential venues for concerts; be enchanted as you perform in charming churches and pretty squares in hilltop towns or waterside piazzas. These venues are perfect for choirs, instrumental groups, orchestras and music bands. Specifically, the outdoor performances, receive a great reception due to the combination of the captivating music, picturesque environments and warm summer weather.


As well as staging some great performances, when you’re ready to take a break, a tour to Lake Garda also offers some wonderful sightseeing opportunities. This can either be right on your doorstep experiencing Lake Garda itself on a boat cruise or cable car ride, or alternatively take a day out to discover the beautiful, surrounding cities of Verona and Venice.

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Gower Music Tours & Lake Garda

The staff here at Gower Music Tours have extensive experience and knowledge of this area.


We have arranged many successful music tour itineraries which have provided our clients with  enjoyable and memorable performances combined with fabulous excursion possibilities: an area which appeals to school music groups and adult ensembles alike. 

Concert performance venues in Lake Garda

The Lake Garda area of Italy is breathtakingly beautiful. It has a wide variety of performance possibilities and can suit all types of groups and music ensembles. There are squares in the pretty towns around the lake that put on regular performances during the warmer months and churches and cathedrals a bit further afield in Verona, Padova or even Venice. Something for everyone.

Sirmione is a stunning town sitting on the tip of a peninsula on the southern side of the lake. It has an ancient Roman villa and a medieval castle and is famous for it's thermal water with it's healing properties. Outdoor concerts take place throughout the summer in a pretty lakeside square and are very well attended. All types of music groups can perform here, as they can at all the lakeside venues. There are many pretty towns around the lake that have regular summer concerts.

Sirmione, Lago di Garda

The “pearl of the islands and peninsulas” according to Catullus

A day trip to Venice is possible from Lake Garda. Choirs and some instrumentalists can participate in Mass in this wonderful, prestigious and world famous Basilica in Venice. A good way to visit without joining the enormous queues! Depending on which priest is there on the day, a recital is sometimes allowed after the Mass. There is always a very big congregation here to sing to. A walking tour of Venice can be arranged before or after the Mass to complete an unforgettable day.

St Mark’s Cathedral, Venice

An Italo-Byzantine gem of a Cathedral!

Recitals and participation in Mass can take place surrounded by Renaissance frescoes in this delightful church in the centre of Verona. The performance can be in combination with a visit of the city, including the Romeo and Juliet balcony and Roman amphitheatre. This is an extremely successful concert venue, suitable for choirs, classical music ensembles and orchestras. There are plenty of other church options in the area, both grand and more intimate.

Verona Cathedral

Beautiful Romanesque church in central Verona


Accommodation options in Lake Garda

There are a good selection of 3* hotels with outdoor swimming pools located in both the northern and southern ends of the lake. All hotels can accommodate various dietary requirements. Adults would be accommodated in twin bedded rooms and students in multi bedded rooms.

The hotels we use in the north are usually in Torbole or Riva del Garda, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.  They are within walking distance to local shops, bars and restaurants. Each has a pool, ensuite facilities and a rehearsal room. Adults would be accommodated in twin bed rooms and students in multi-bed rooms. The food is always of a high standard; particular dietary needs as well as packed lunches for groups can all be accomodated. 

3* hotel

Hotels with pools at the northern end of the lake

Our hotel at the southern end of the lake is very popular with all our groups. It is slightly set back from the lake with a wonderful view, large pool and great pizzeria. The hotel food is also of a very high standard and particular dietary needs and packed lunches can be accommodated. All rooms have ensuite facilities and there is a room to use for rehearsals. Adults would be accommodated in twin bedded rooms and students in multi bedded rooms. 

3* hotel 

Large hotel with pool at the southern end of the lake


Excursions and Trips around Lake Garda

Safe, beautiful and reasonably inexpensive for such a renowned tourist spot the Lago di Garda and surrounding areas promise a trip encompassing breathtaking scenery, leisurely pursuits, history and culture. If you’re looking to combine your performances on your music tour with a taste of La Dolce Vita fabulous visits and trips then this northern lake region of the peninsula does not disappoint.

Let us help plan your perfect concert tour of Lake Garda

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