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Rome Music Tours

Perform music concerts in piazzas and churches in and around Rome

We have a variety of venues in Rome and around to cater for all types of music group. 

Our groups love to stay in a 4* hotel on the coast where they can relax by the pool or on the beach when they are not busy visiting all the exciting sights on offer in and around Rome. But it is also possible to organise accommodation in Rome itself for any group who would prefer.


Our most popular hotel is in Anzio, which is famous for the Anzio Landings in WW2 and is still a busy fishing town. Concerts for all types of group can take place in the main square or on the beach in front of the ruins of emperor Nero’s villa, or in the church/piazza of pretty Nettuno, nearby.


We recommend a concert in Rome itself at the Teatro di Marcello for secular music groups and participation in a Mass at St Peter’s and Santa Maria Maggiore for choirs. There are also various venues between Anzio and Rome in the hills of the Castelli Romani. In Frascati, for example, or the Pope’s summer residence, Castel Gandolfo.

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Interested in performing in Rome? We can help tailor the perfect trip for your school or adult tour. Call us on 0115 9404 303 or get in touch by using the form below:

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Gower Music Tours & Rome

Gower Tours has over 30 years of experience in Rome. Some of our staff members have lived there and know it intimately.  

We also have excellent relationships with local travel companies, accommodation and local authorities, which is necessary in Italy to create a smooth tour.

Music performance venues in and around Rome

Rome and the hill towns and coastal towns nearby indulge us with an enormous variety of venues that cannot fail to delight all of our groups. Whether it be singing in perhaps the most famous church in the world or performing in an atmospheric, intimate concert series in a local piazza, the experience will be unforgettable.

Rome is full of spectacular churches where the best way to perform is to take part in a well attended Mass. However it probably goes without saying that none can hold a candle to St Peter's, Italy's largest, richest and most spectacular basilica. One of the added benefits of singing here is that queues to enter can be avoided!

St Peter’s Basilica, Rome

Probably the most important church in the world

Atmospheric, dramatically lit concerts take place amongst the ruins of this ancient Roman theatre during the warmer months of the year. All kinds of music groups perform. These concerts are part of a series of concerts and are attended by regular music lovers. During the winter months concerts move into the nearby church.

Teatro Marcello, Rome

The ancient open air theatre in central Rome

Nettuno is a pretty town on the coast just next to Anzio. There is a medieval church and lovely square in the centre where concerts take place. Occasionally in the summer there is also a stage in front of the Borgia Castle. The organisers and audience in Nettuno are always very enthusiastic. Concerts in smaller towns are often the most successful.

Nettuno Piazza

Ancient walled coastal town near Rome

Accommodation options in and around Rome

We have a lovely hotel with a pool and beach on the coast just south of Rome which is very popular with all our groups. Here they can perform in some of the local events, as well as visit the Castelli Romani. Or we have a choice of typical italian hotels in the centre of Rome for those that are just interested in seeing the city.

Typical italian city hotel in central Rome. These are often not purpose built so room sizes can vary.  Adult groups can be accommodated in doubles, twins or singles and school and youth groups in multi-bedded rooms all with en-suite facilities. Half/full/b&b all possible. Sometimes this may be in a nearby trattoria/restaurant. Packed lunches can be arranged and special dietary needs accommodated.

3*/4* Hotels

Central Rome Hotel

Large hotel with outdoor pool and access to a lovely beach in the charming seaside town of Anzio. Adult groups can be accommodated in doubles, twins or singles and school and youth groups in multi-bedded rooms all with en-suite facilities. The food is very good! Half board, full board or B&B are options. Packed lunches can be arranged and special dietary needs accommodated.

4* Hotels

Beach hotel with outdoor pool 


Excursions and Trips in and around Rome

As with all areas of Italy, the choice of excursions in and around Rome are endless. It would take a lifetime to exhaust interesting places to visit in Rome itself, let alone in the area surrounding it! There are ancient monuments and cities, churches galore, hill towns, beaches, volcanic lakes, vineyards and even a water park for those that would like a bit of frivolity!

Let us help plan your perfect music tour in Rome

We'd be delighted to offer advice, help shape your trip and work with you to create pricing options to meet your budget.

Call us on 0115 9404 303 or contact us

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