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Concert Tours to Holland

Pretty, clean and friendly, Holland is a wonderful trip for all types of music groups both for concerts and excursions

With the beauty of a short travelling distance and assured of an enthusiastic welcome - in perfect English! - Holland offers a relaxing yet varied music concert tour location with excursions and visits extending to four countries.


Our bases are the bustling town of Valkenburg, situated right on the border of Holland, Belgium and Germany and within easy reach of Luxembourg and Noordwijk, a coastal holiday resort with 13km golden sands,  ideally situated between Amsterdam and The Hague. 

Holland is ideal for all types of ensembles with varying repertoires. Within your music tour itinerary to the Netherlands you can look forward to performing in a wide range of venues, from lively market squares,  stunning churches, peaceful spas and enchanting forests!

Combined with your  concert itinerary, this areas is bursting with activities to occupy and interest your group; a varied mix of history, scenery, relaxation and fun. Plan a cultural exploration of Amsterdam and its museums alongside a fun-packed day at a theme park or a visit to the Blue Delft Pottery to make your visit to  Holland a truly memorable concert tour.

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Gower Music Tours & Holland

We have been organising tours in this area for a long time and have established good relationships with the relevant people at some great concert venues in both of our Holland destinations.

Concert performance venues in Holland

Not only is Holland conveniently close for a tour of any length, it is also full of potential venues and very helpful coordinators! There is a variety of town squares to perform in as well as some churches, a beach promenade and a maze in the highest spot in the country! There are two possible centres that work well as a base: Noordwijk and Valkenburg. 

Delft square is an extremely pretty and lively square in the centre of a famous and well visited city. We have local contacts who help with promotion and all other requirements. If staying in the Noordwijk centre, Delft and Leiden town squares work particularly well. If staying in Valkenburg we recommend Maastricht - a gem of a city that is brimming with cosmopolitan students! 

Squares in Delft, Leiden & Maastricht

Main squares in popular cities depending on where you stay

At the right time of year this can be a lovely laid back venue. Groups perform in front of the pancake house and are provided with pancakes before or after the performance!

Noordwijk Beach Promenade

Informal concert in front of the pancake house

This unusual venue is in the highest point of the Netherlands just where it meets Belgium and Germany. There is a cafe and a maze which is harder to master than it looks. Performances take place regularly and are very popular with our groups.

Drielandenpunt, Vaals

Maze and cafe venue where three countries meet


Accommodation options in Holland

Holland is a very diverse country with two regions offering very different experiences. Noordwijk in the north is a seaside town with accommodation located within walking distance of the beach and in the south is a lovely town called Valkenburg.

A lovely family run hotel that offers twin or single rooms for adults and twin rooms for students. The rooms have wifi, telephone and TV and are all en-suite. It offers great food and manages most dietary requirements. The location is ideal for walking to the beach or the local shopping area

3* hotel

A very welcoming hotel located within walking distance of the beach

The hotel we use on a regular basis offers groups a very enjoyable stay. It is surrounded by a large garden and a sunny terrace. Adults will be accommodated in twin/single rooms and students in multi bedded rooms. All rooms have ensuite facilities, TV, safe and a telephone. Breakfast is plentiful and served with the evening meal in a buffet style. The hotel is very accommodating towards food allergies

3* hotel 

A lovely hotel located in a picturesque town 


Excursions and Trips in Holland for touring music groups

Although a small country, there’s so many places worth a visit in the Netherlands. The land of windmills and lace can also offer fascinating history and scenery. Holland is home to a vast assortment of different attractions, including water parks, museums, art galleries, and even miniature cities amongst others.The dilemma is which towns and  attractions should you choose?

Let us help plan your perfect concert tour of Holland

We'd be delighted to offer advice, help shape your trip and work with you to create pricing options to meet your budget.

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