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We provide full insurance for your trip and guidance on best practice.

Insurance & E.H.I.C. Card for Your Music Trip


Our travel insurance is provided by Fogg Travel Insurance Services Ltd. and underwritten by Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV). Both are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Gower Tours Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of Fogg Travel Insurance Services Ltd.

The travel insurance policy documents will be provided with your Booking Confirmation. However you can downloads our policies here:


Pre-existing Health Conditions

If you* (including any close relatives not travelling but on whom the travel plans depend) has ever had treatment for any heart or circulatory condition, a stroke or high blood pressure, any breathing condition (including asthma), any type of cancer, any type of diabetes, any psychological conditions, any existing injury or other serious or re-occurring medical condition, any condition requiring long term prescribed medication or if you are receiving or awaiting investigation for any medical condition or any other health condition which has been treated in hospital or has been referred to a specialist in the last 2 years – you should contact Fogg see if additional cover is available quoting GOWER TOURS on 01623 635958 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm).


*Age Exemption – for School and Youth Groups Only


If you are travelling as part of a school party or youth group and are in full time education you need only contact the Referral Helpline if you are 19 and over travelling anywhere or under 19 travelling outside of Europe. Persons under 19 travelling as part of a school party or youth group do not need to make a declaration if travelling in Europe.

Please note – All conditions for any other person on whom the travel plans or any change in circumstances irrespective of age of any insured should be referred to the Referral Helpline.


Fogg will discuss his/her individual circumstances and provide a decision on cover along with a helpline reference number and confirmation in writing will be sent. In most cases, cover is provided at no extra cost. If special terms are necessary, these will be explained to you and confirmed in writing.


If after booking but prior to departure an insured’s health condition changes or develops or an injury occurs or any prescribed medication changes, that might affect an individual traveller’s insurance, the individual regardless of age is also required to contact Fogg directly as above.

European Health Insurance Card (E.H.I.C.)

It is a requirement of the insurers that each person on a Gower Music International holiday has an E.H.I.C. Card even if you are not travelling to an E.U. destination. Many countries outside the E.U. have a reciprocal agreement with the U.K. with regard to medical costs, so you maybe required to produce an E.H.I.C. Card at a doctors or at a hospital. Insurers will definitely require your E.H.I.C. number in the event that they have to pay for a claims.

To apply for an E.H.I.C Card click here. It is a very quick online process and cards are usually delivered within a fortnight, but don’t leave it too late.

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