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Passports & Visas

Passports and Visas for Your Music Trip

All passengers must be in possession of a valid passport. Approved parties of students, who are British nationals and travelling abroad in the charge of a responsible leader, may travel on a collective passport. The cost of a collective passport is £39.00 and will cover 50 children under the age of 18 years.

If you are not attaining a collective passport and you do not have your own passport, then it is our recommendation that you should apply for one at least six weeks before your trip. The UK Passport Service has to confirm your identity before issuing your first passport and will ask you to attend an interview in order to do this.

All passengers who are not British nationals should consult their embassy to find out if they require a visa to travel to their destination. They should also consider that countries through which they travel to reach their destination may also require visas. If you have any problems in respect of visas, please do not hesitate to call Gower Music International, as we have very good contacts with The Visa Service in London, who provide excellent, expert advice.

Foreign Travel Advice