Gower Music Tours


Insurance & E.H.I.C. Card for Your Music Trip

Our insurance is provided by Endsleigh Insurance. The insurance policy will be provided with your Booking Confirmation.

However you can also :-
Download the Gower Music International Insurance Policy Booklet and
Download the Statement of Insurance and Key Facts

If any traveller has any health conditions that are known at the time of booking they should
EMAIL Gower Music International with a summary of the health issue. The email will then be passed onto insurers, who will then confirm if the health condition is covered by the insurance.

If after booking a health condition develops or an injury occurs, that might affect an individual traveller’s insurance, the individual is also advised to
EMAIL Gower Music International describing the nature of the problem so that insurers can confirm if the health condition or injury will be insured.

European Health Insurance Card (E.H.I.C.)

It is a requirement of the insurers that each person on a Gower Music International holiday has an E.H.I.C. Card even if you are not travelling to an E.U. destination. Many countries outside the E.U. have a reciprocal agreement with the U.K. with regard to medical costs, so you maybe required to produce an E.H.I.C. Card at a doctors or at a hospital. Insurers will definitely require your E.H.I.C. number in the event that they have to pay for a claims.

To apply for an E.H.I.C Card click here. It is a very quick online process and cards are usually delivered within a fortnight, but don’t leave it too late.