Merry Xmas – But Roll On That Summer Music Tour – Can’t Wait



I arrived in resort a few hours before the group to make sure everything was ready for their arrival. The hotel staff were great and very welcoming and very used to having groups stay with them.

There was a sense of excitement when the group arrived. Everyone piled off the coach looking like they had forgotten how to walk haha! I met the teachers, some of whom I had not met before and introduced myself and then handed out the room keys to all the students who then went in search of their rooms. It was great to see everyone so excited to have finally arrived after 18 months of planning the tour together.

Once everyone had settled in and sorted themselves out it was time for a bit of free time before the evening meal. Most of the group went into the centre of Boppard which was only a 5 minute walk, but I still had visions of me running round like a headless chicken if anybody got lost – but thankfully everyone returned – phew!

The evening meal was lovely and there was a real buzz in the air with everyone chatting and laughing. All dietary requirements were catered for so the students were happy – I felt this was going to be a great tour!

The school paid £485.00 for a 6 day / 5 night tour and thought it was very good value for money.